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Masshtab Consultancy

Masshtab Consultancy

Masshtab Concultancy LLC, established in 2009, offers consulting services in project management, business intelligence and business analytics for both public and private clients.
Our team covers a broad range of professional consulting services that can deliver practical assessment, strategic insights and best practice recommendations targeted to meet our clients’ needs and requirements.


We help our clients to achieve better performance, growth and optimization.

Business Process Reengineering

We apply a range of process-based tools and techniques to help you improve your business processes and procedures. We believe that powerful things happen when we combine our knowledge and experience with your organization’s unique culture and business requirements.

Strategy Development

Our strategy development approach strengthens organizations to maximize the full potential of their mission. Through research and business analytics we identify key issues and opportunities for generating sustainable, long-term strategies. We then plan, prioritize and organize the key strategies into a roadmap with short-term, mid-term and long-term horizons.

Implementation of e-Governance Solutions

Our team is specialized in business process reengineering and change management for tax and customs administrations modernization initiatives. We also provide services on development of technical and functional requirements, specification and other appropriate documentations. We develop and provide reports on the legal and regulatory framework related to the implementation of the project.

Innovation Consulting

We help our clients achieve competitive advantage through an integrated business and technology strategy. Our team has an extensive experience in strategic transformation and implementation of innovative technologies across a wide variety of spheres under the most challenging conditions.

ESG Consulting Services

◆Analyze the current state of the company and define key ESG targets;
◆Determine the comparative position of the company on the market in terms of ESG;
◆Assess long term ESG risks for the company;
◆Prepare an ESG transformation plan for the company with the aim of attracting «green» financing and positioning the company as an ESG compliant enterprise.

◆Analyze the current state of the company and select the key information disclosed in the ESG report;
◆Develop the concept and the structure of the ESG report;
◆Gather the information to support the analysis in the report;
◆Propose the design of the report and provide translation into other languages;
◆Conceptualize and implement the PR strategy to present the report.

◆Consult the client companies on selecting the verification agency;
◆Select the projects that match the set criteria and prepare the paperwork required;
◆Provide support at all stages of the verification process in accordance with the national and international standards;
◆Design and implement the PR campaign in support of the issuance of the green bonds.

◆Environmental: green sourcing, waste reduction, etc.
◆Social: HR policies, compensation management, etc.
◆Governance: organizational structure and committees aimed to implement ESG policies

◆Consult the client companies on selecting the rating agency;
◆Support the company in gathering and processing the information requested by the rating agency;
◆Participate in interviews with the rating agency on behalf of the client;
◆Design and implement the PR campaign following the rating procedure.

◆Recommend changes to the website of the client in accordance with their ESG initiatives;
◆Position the company on the market based on their ESG strategy;
◆Serve as a liaison between the owners of the media outlets and the management of the company in order to promote the management of the company as leaders in ESG;
◆Manage online events to promote the results of the company’s ESG initiatives;
◆Design the ESG related content for social media.


Business Process Analytics
Project Management
Implementation of e-Governance Services
ESG Consulting
Development of Functional and Technical Specification
Development of Innovation and Digital Strategies
Strategic Analysis and Reports
Quality Assurance
Design of New Business Models
Change Management and Business Transformation
Legal Consulting
Accounting and Tax Regulations Consulting




Our Team includes globally recognized experts providing tailored expertise to our clients.

Liana Kusikyan


Suren Avetisyan

Deputy CEO
Expert in Customs and Valuation

Azina Stepanyan

Project Administrator

Mikayel Pashayan

Co-Founder, Senior Consultant
Expertized in tax and customs digitalization, IT development risk management, change management, goverment service transformation and ESG transformation

Stephen Callahan

International Consultant
Expert in transparency, governance, strategy, risk management, change management, cultural change and tax transformation projects

Armen Elchiyan

Senior Consultant
Specialized in ESG transformation, strategy development and business administration

Giorgi Tabuashvili

International Consultant 
Expert in transparency, governance and customs transformation

Arman Margaryan

Business Analyst
Expert of phytosanitary, veterinary and food safety. Expert in ESG transformation

Naira Margaryan

Business Analyst 
Economist, specialized in management and consulting

Armine Khachikyan

Business Analyst

Zalifa Baymuratova


Irina Shevelova

Project Assistant

Баймуратова Залифа


Ilya Melnikov

Strategy development manager

Sergey Khoroshaev

Expert in ESG consulting

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